Nicepay Compatibility info

With this module, merchant can accept payment by bank wire virtual account with an automatic paid confirmation (all major bank in Indonesia), debit and credit card also ewallet via Nicepay Payment Gateway.

Benefits for Merchants  :

  1. No need to have all bank account to accept payment from all major banks in Indonesia
  2. Bank wire Automatic confirmation, manual check is not necessary anymore
  3. Transaction fee can be charged to customer
  4. Secure and fast processing
  5. Simple merchant registration
    Nicepay representative will help you to complete the registration.

Demo Back Office :
email   :
pass    : demodemo


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Benefits for customers :

  1. No need to submit a payment confirmation form
    Customer payment will be automatically detected and automatically set as paid
  2. Secure and fast credit card payment processing
    Accompanied with One Time Password (OTP) sent to mobile phone for each transaction to prevent unauthorized use.
  3. Bank wire payment can be done through ATM, M-Banking, I-Banking

Features :

  1. Accept bank wire payment from all major banks in Indonesia
    You can choose bank services that will be provided to customers
  2. Accept credit card payment
    Supported by Visa, Master Card, JCB, Amex 3D Secured, PCIDSS Level
  3. Test mode
    You can test the module without have to be a registered merchant
  4. Bank wire payment expiry date
    You can define the expiry date for bank wire payment (the due date for customers)
  5. Transaction fee settings
    You can decide whether to charge the transaction fee to customers or not
  6. You can define the transaction fee amount that will be charged into customer order
    (for credit card it can be acumulation of amount + percentage)

Installation :
No special action needed.
Module can be installed through PrestaShop Back Office Modules as usual.
Details provided in documentation.

Recommendations :
SSL certificate (https://) is recommended but not a must at the moment.
Merchant ID and Merchant Key are required to use this module in Live Mode.
Follow the Signup Link provided on the module to register as a Nicepay Merchant.
Follow the contact information provided on the module to contact Nicepay representative

Video Tutorial :

  1. Installation :
  2. Test :



Nicepay Module documentation

Download (607.92k)


NIcepay module documentation

Download (607.92k)
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