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JNE Shipping PS1.7 Compatibility info

This JNE Shipping module consists of

  1. JNE System
  2. JNE Reguler
  3. JNE Oke
  4. JNE Yes

This module does not modify the Prestashop core files and does not change the system.
Equipped with city autocomplete feature so your customers can easily define the City for their delivery address that corresponds to the coverage area of JNE in Indonesia.
You can easily (bulk) update the postage by uploading a CSV file.
You can also easily update the postage one by one if needed.
You can add a new region if there are new regions added by JNE.
Shipping cost (postage) stored in a separate database table so it won't burden your Prestashop.
Because it does not modify the core files and Prestashop system, then you can easily add a shipping system from the other courier services, as well as serving International sales.


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We do not provide and not responsible for providing file data Ms.Excel postage JNE of all cities in Indonesia. You as a module user can ask to nearest JNE office in your home town.

However, we will help you to build the CSV file for bulk update. Please send us the JNE Ongkir Ms.Excel file that you have to us via email to contact [at]

CSV file for bulk updates will be builded for you and will be published for public on:

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